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Collin Hodgkinson & Mateo Fuenmayor, The Lefties

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Collin Hodgkinson & Mateo Fuenmayor, The Lefties

On September 29th, 2018 we will be playing in the 2nd Annual Oregon Jr. Golf Marathon at the Lake Oswego Golf Course. The event is a fundraiser that is full of prizes, contests, food, and hopefully a couple hole-in-ones! My partner and I will play 100-holes combined (50 holes per player) in support of the Oregon Jr. Golf Fund, inc.

Oregon Jr. Golf is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that has played an instrumental role in our growth as golfers and individuals. The game has taught us the importance of sportsmanship and perseverance and has allowed us to meet many new friends along the way.

We have grown up playing golf together for nearly 10 years and look forward to getting out on the course and raising money for Oregon Jr. Golf. Please consider making a donation to support our team and the future of junior golf in Oregon & SW Washington.

Thank you,
Mateo and Collin

Recent Sponsors

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Matt and Rachel Schaberg 9/29/2018
J. Fuenmayor 9/29/2018 Great job raising $ for the OGJA
Carolyn and Jim Reverman 9/29/2018 Good luck Mateo and Collin!
Greg & Tonja Hodgkinson 9/29/2018 Good luck Collin and Mateo. Working to raise money for a great cause.
Davidson Family Giving Fund 9/29/2018 Good luck to both Collin and Mateo in the 100 Hole Marathon
The Cayford family 9/29/2018 Good luck!
Tim Taylor 9/29/2018 Go Mateo and Collin
Nico B 9/29/2018 Enjoy !
Lee Kromminga 9/28/2018
Mr. Daniel Tseng 9/28/2018 Get in the hole!!
Richard Wintsch 9/28/2018 Good luck!
Mr. Kevin Keough 9/28/2018 Go! Collin & Mateo!
Edison Mosquera 9/28/2018
Mr. Silvia Sacchini 9/28/2018 Good luck Mateo!
Anne and Todd Borus 9/27/2018 Have fun!
Mr. John Toppel 9/27/2018
Manuel and Debbra Houston 9/27/2018 Good luck Collin and Mateo!
JD Haddon 9/26/2018 Hoping you have better luck than the Houston Texans :P
Eastman Family 9/26/2018 Thank you Collin and Ricky
Mr. Raul Castano 9/26/2018
Stefan 9/26/2018 Good luck!
Mr. Alvaro Bedoya 9/25/2018
Adriano Fernandez de Soto 9/25/2018 Best wishes and Good luck Mateo.....
Jim 9/25/2018 I want agent rights when they go pro!! Good luck to everyone!
The Rivers family 9/25/2018 I wish Collin and Mateo the best of luck in pursuing their passions. Chris Rivers and Family!
Kyle & Kerrie Stavig 9/25/2018 Best of luck Mateo. Hit'em long.
Mateo Fuenmayor 9/25/2018
Mr. Suk Young 9/25/2018
The Knights 9/25/2018
Mr. Eric Silk 9/25/2018 Go Mateo!
Kathleen 9/25/2018 Go Mateo! Remember the living room floor in SD.
Hopmans 9/25/2018 Good luck Mateo and have fun!
Mr. Terrill Richardson 9/24/2018 Hook'em
Collin Hodgkinson and Mateo Fuenmayor 9/24/2018 Good luck Mateo
Collin Hodgkinson 9/22/2018 Collin u r the BEST. Uncle Garey
Karna and Mike 9/18/2018
Richard & Grace Livingstone 9/14/2018 Best wishes to Collin and Mateo...yayyy!!!
David & Jennifer Ingram 9/9/2018 Good Luck
David Moyle 9/6/2018
Kaitlin and Kyle Davidson 9/6/2018 Good luck!!
Mr. Roger Wallberg 9/6/2018
Korey Hodgkinson/Susan Pat Williams 9/5/2018 Good Luck Colin and Mateo
Mr. Jen Severson 9/3/2018
Ms. Marilyn Bonebrake 9/3/2018 Collin Hodgkinson and Mateo Fuenmayor