Q: As a participant, what do I have to do?
A: Every participant is asked to do 2 things:
1. Commit to put forth your best effort to reach our pledge goal.
2. Commit to sponsor yourself for a minimum of $50 total. 

Q: Can 100 holes of golf really be played in a day?
A:  Yes, absolutely!  It builds character!  As Oregon  Junior Golf follows the Rules of Golf, players will play just 1 ball per hole, holing out on every hole, and recording a score.  Players are effectively participating in a 100 Hole Hike!

Q: Who is participating?
A: Current Oregon Junior Golfers (age 18 and under), many who have represented Oregon Junior Golf in National and / or Regional competitions!  Others aspire to represent Oregon on a team in the future.  The field is limited in size to allow for the players to have a positive experience and set a steady pace on a 9-hole, Par-3 facility.    

Q: What happens the day of the Marathon?
A: Registration will begin at 6:15 AM with a hosted breakfast in the Columbia Edgewater Country Club Clubhouse available at 6:15 AM.  By 7:00 AM, players will be warming up on the practice facilities of the Mason 9 and by 7:30 AM, the Marathon will begin with the first group on Hole #1.  Participants are paired with two other players, forming groups of 3.  Each player is required to walk on the Mason 9, though caddies may be used.  Caddies are highly recommended; as they can help you raise more money before the marathon and speed up your play during the marathon.  Friends and Family make great caddies.  After 36-45 holes, lunch will be provided on the practice area of the Mason 9 (approximately 12:00pm or later) where players may sit and break for lunch.  After lunch, more golf!  Additional food and beverage will also be provided throughout the course for players and caddies to maintain their energy.  The goal is to safely play as many holes as possible in the shortest amount of time.  Some will play faster than others, so we encourage those golfers to play through, courteously.  OJG Rules Officials will be on the course to assist in safely playing through.  

Q: How am I going to raise $1,000 in pledges?

A: Although it sounds daunting, raising $1,000 is not as difficult as you might think.
Think of it like this...20 friends pledging $50 (50 cents/hole), or 40 people pledging $25 (25 cents/hole). Pledges can be from friends, family, church, your school, golfing buddies, etc. The best way to ask for pledges is face to face or by phone, but email and texting work as well.  Below we've included some examples for you to begin making your list of potential sponsors:

1. Parents/Grandparents
2. Relatives
3. Neighbors
4. Co-workers of Parents
5. Friends
6. High School/College Friends
7. Former Oregon Junior Golfers
8. People from Church
9. Doctors/Dentists
10. Local Businesses